Wednesday, November 30, 2011

  • This is an illustration I recently finished and It came out beautifly... It is titled "No turning back now!"... I am working on a back story for it and I have been doing a seiries of kind of creepy pen and ink and water colors and I am considering maybe writing stories to each illustration and making a kind of book of ghost stories. I think It would be a very fun project. So keep on the lookout for that and many others!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

  • In 1977 a man named Nobuhiko Obayashi released a film by the name "Hausu"( Also known as "House")... It was recently released in America through Janus Films and The Criterion Collection (Which I personally am madly in love with this collection). "House" is a psychedelic ghost tale that I fell in love with not even 10 minutes into... visually it is perfect and the imagery Obayashi has assembled in this film is far ahead of his time.... I can not put into words how much I love this movie so I created my very own "House" poster in honor of Obayashi's great feat. The poster is below and I have added some clips and the Criterion Cover above... Which was created by one of my favorite graphic design artist Sam Smith here is a link to his blog .

  • But here is my poster and I will have 11 x 17 prints for sale of this. Go spend a few hours and clear your mind and watch this movie... The visuals will change your life and you will have a new favorite on your list without a doubt. Enjoy

Monday, November 21, 2011

  • Monster Doodlin' Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So I started doodling the other day and here are a few of the outcomes... I started by just putting down shapes with watercolor and then adding detail to the watercolor and ended up haveing a great outcome of quit a few little monsters... I have around ten to 20 more I will post in the next few days... These are very fun to make and I would like to do a run of  Last Days Press t-shirts with them and possibly some stickers and I have a few skateboard ideas floating around...
  • Soooo look out for these in the future and pick some up!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

  • So this is a piece inspired by the movie "Buffalo 66".... One of my all time favorite films so naturally I was inspired to do a piece... I don't think I could ever explain in the right words how much film is a part of my life and how inspiring I find it... Not only that but I really feel a bond with certain characters in films and really can relate to them and I can really appreciate everything that goes into a well made beautiful film... The writing, the cinematography, the set design, the directing, the acting... just every little detail... I would say I am pretty obssesive about my movie collection and follow a lot of directors and few actors pretty closely ...So film inspired art is something I will be doing on the reg. Also if you haven't heard of Vincent Gallo the main fella in this film and creator.. I highly suggest you check him out... He is rediculously witty and an asshole (excuse my french) in the perfect way... A lovable ass, I guess I would say... Here is a link to his website! Please check it out! You will not be disapointed...

  • Also stay tuned for more film inspired art... I really hope to create a cover for Janus Films and the Criterion Collection at some point in my life. Would trully be a dream come true for me.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

  • This is a graphic novel I am working on... Writing and illustrating currently but looking for help with the writing... But basicly it is the unbyist and realistic depiction of a 9 month relationship between a guy and a girl .. Their issues with commitment and trust and complex issues brought on by their past with family and other relationships...  Each chapter will catalog a month of the relationships... it will be 9 chapters of course at around 12 pgs each... I am very very excited about this project and what it could possibly evolve into... I like the idea of making something someone can relate to and think hey "I am not alone".. or  hey " There are other people out there that have had similar experiences"...
  • Above we have Sofia- she is 21 and very gaurded and selective to who she cares about and lets in... she can be the sweetest girl in the world but has a pretty sarcastic bite... she comes from a decently wealthy family and hasn't had to work much... she is a sophmore in college she has multiple family and past relationship issues but nothing to far from the norm.... She has a very complex personality. She hates to be called Sof or Sofey... She will correct anyone who makes the mistake of calling her either.. She has a beautiful smile and looks that coold make you melt into a puddle on the coldest day in December.
  • Above we also have Elliot- he is 26 and a struggling illustrator who works at a local bagel shop but still has big dreams for his craft... Him or his family have never really had much money and he still pretty much believes he never will... he has had a few serious relationships.. all of them ending horrificly.. he has pretty much given up on meeting anyone at all and focuses on his art... he also has many family issues... having parents that were remarried multiple times and never knowing his real biological father until he was in his early 20's.. who saught him out through one of the internets many social network sites. He is also very gaurded but an old soul... he always is preaching his distain but deep down never really loses hope.  
  • I don't wanna give everything away but this is just to give you a little depth to these characters and the whole idea and plans I have for this... I know these things will change somewhat throughout the process.. I would like to explain the title but I think I will save the explanation for a later day... Stay tuned I really think this could be a great adventure.
  • So this is "The lonesome Doe"... She doesn't have a name yet... Just a character for a graphic novel or short run comic I have in the works... I am really excited about this idea.. I am a very big fan of comics and read a few pretty regularly such as "Fables" and "Sweettooth"... Just love and admire the artist James Jean a whole whole lot... But anyways the basis of this comic is that the main character "the lonesome doe" is a very guarded lonely girl... lets say a senior in highshcool or freshmen in college.... she is very guarded thus the antlers of a stag... but she is really a vulnerable sweet doe... So she will have antlers a majority of the time except you will notice there are times when she does not and those are the times that she has her gaurd down and is being herself and letting someone in.... Like I said it's in the very beginning stages... I just wanted to show the first sketch and share the idea... A graphic novel or comic is something I feel really passionately about creating.... So just keep on the look out! More soon!

  • This is a piece I did for my grandparents on their 50th wedding anniversery, titled "Good Man, Good Woman, Good Life".... They are such good people who I admire very much... Some of the most constantly productive people I have ever met or know and I really hope I can be as productive with my art as they have with all things in their life.  Love you Cowpa and Gma!

  • This is a design I did for my friends band "The Poison Kitchen"!/PZNKTCHN. He ended up turning it into a tshirt and I think they really turned out nicely and it is great to finally get to see some of my artwork on a shirt... I have more band work in the process and I really enjoy seeing the bands reaction to the finished piece.... Thanks Ian of "The Poison Kitchen"... I will be in his music video, which is being filmed on sunday... I will be doing some sketching of the bands name and his face which will be time lapsed into the video.... I will post it as soon as it is finished... Pretty excited about it all. Also, here are the t-shirts below and if you are interested in the purchase of one just click on the link above.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

  • These are a few owl prints I did a month or so back. Just a fun and simple project. The drawings are in pin and ink and then I scanned the original drawings and inhanced them with color from photoshop. I hardly ever use this much color or enhancement from an outside source. Though I have to say I am very happy with the outcome of these and I will be doing more in the future. That being said I have 11x17 and 5x7 prints available of both of these in my shop.

  • This is another exert from the kids book I have in the works.... This is the "shark" page. I just thought I would show a tiny bit of the process. The top photo is the very start of the illustraion with out the watercolor added yet. In the bottom photo you have the finished edited product with the text added. I really enjoyed this page especially the hammerhead and I am very pleased with the finished result. Hope you enjoy and keep a lookout for the finishing and publishing of the book.

  • This is the cover and an insert from a children's book I have been working on the last few months... I have written it and I am currently in the process of illustrating and editing it... It have been a very great process. I haven't found a publisher yet but it is in the works... I also realize for a first book I might have to go the self publishing routhe, Which in that case I will have to start having a few fund-raisers.. The book is called "Captain Magee What Do You See", it is for younger children maybe 4 to 6 or 7 and is very simple... It basicly goes through a lists of ocean animals in a ryming manner and ends with a positive message... I don't want to give to much away... But it teaches word association and leaves the child with a good feeling. I really believe in this prokject and I have one other kid's book I am illustrating for and also a Graphic Novel in the works... I will talk about and reveal art from these in later posts.. But lets hope one day you will see all of these on the shelves in your local book stores.

Monday, November 14, 2011

  • So these are a few prints I did of Morrissey the singer if you don't already know of a fantastic band by the name of "THE SMITH".... (If you have never heard of them I highly suggest a listen penciled into your busy schedule).... all though this piece might not start panic in the streets of london I had a great time making it and have 11x14 and 5x7 prints of both for sale in my shop. Limited runs on both and on nice classy cardstock. All signed and numbered.

  • The Pine Hill Haints poster I did for Bottletree Cafe a local venue/bar here in Bham... Wanted to go for a creepy 60's horror movie feel... Reason being that The Pine Hill Haints are a rockabilly band from Huntsville, Al and their songs consist of local ghosts stories and folklore.

  • These are a few of the posters I have done for Bottletree Cafe a local venue/bar we have here in Birmingham.