Tuesday, November 22, 2011

  • In 1977 a man named Nobuhiko Obayashi released a film by the name "Hausu"( Also known as "House")... It was recently released in America through Janus Films and The Criterion Collection (Which I personally am madly in love with this collection). "House" is a psychedelic ghost tale that I fell in love with not even 10 minutes into... visually it is perfect and the imagery Obayashi has assembled in this film is far ahead of his time.... I can not put into words how much I love this movie so I created my very own "House" poster in honor of Obayashi's great feat. The poster is below and I have added some clips and the Criterion Cover above... Which was created by one of my favorite graphic design artist Sam Smith here is a link to his blog http://samsmyth.blogspot.com/ .

  • But here is my poster and I will have 11 x 17 prints for sale of this. Go spend a few hours and clear your mind and watch this movie... The visuals will change your life and you will have a new favorite on your list without a doubt. Enjoy

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