Saturday, December 17, 2011

Introducing "Endless Bummer", A monthly comic zine created and written illustrated everything by me and my friend Ester Song. The zine includes 5 on running mini comics.
-"Endless Bummer"- A Vampire story set in the 1970's
-"Party Cats"- Who doesn't like cats that party?..
-"Scream Big!"- Stories of a 1980's adolescent punk girl.
-"Cotton Mouth"- 3 washed up lounge singers and the conversations they have at the diner they meet at after every show.
-"The Daily Jay"- I mini newspaper with a missed connection section an obituary and a classifieds section... made up of course and illustrated.

Each zine will run between 5-7 bucks and have stickers inside along with the minicomics all in color.