Wednesday, November 16, 2011

  • This is a graphic novel I am working on... Writing and illustrating currently but looking for help with the writing... But basicly it is the unbyist and realistic depiction of a 9 month relationship between a guy and a girl .. Their issues with commitment and trust and complex issues brought on by their past with family and other relationships...  Each chapter will catalog a month of the relationships... it will be 9 chapters of course at around 12 pgs each... I am very very excited about this project and what it could possibly evolve into... I like the idea of making something someone can relate to and think hey "I am not alone".. or  hey " There are other people out there that have had similar experiences"...
  • Above we have Sofia- she is 21 and very gaurded and selective to who she cares about and lets in... she can be the sweetest girl in the world but has a pretty sarcastic bite... she comes from a decently wealthy family and hasn't had to work much... she is a sophmore in college she has multiple family and past relationship issues but nothing to far from the norm.... She has a very complex personality. She hates to be called Sof or Sofey... She will correct anyone who makes the mistake of calling her either.. She has a beautiful smile and looks that coold make you melt into a puddle on the coldest day in December.
  • Above we also have Elliot- he is 26 and a struggling illustrator who works at a local bagel shop but still has big dreams for his craft... Him or his family have never really had much money and he still pretty much believes he never will... he has had a few serious relationships.. all of them ending horrificly.. he has pretty much given up on meeting anyone at all and focuses on his art... he also has many family issues... having parents that were remarried multiple times and never knowing his real biological father until he was in his early 20's.. who saught him out through one of the internets many social network sites. He is also very gaurded but an old soul... he always is preaching his distain but deep down never really loses hope.  
  • I don't wanna give everything away but this is just to give you a little depth to these characters and the whole idea and plans I have for this... I know these things will change somewhat throughout the process.. I would like to explain the title but I think I will save the explanation for a later day... Stay tuned I really think this could be a great adventure.

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